Bakpia Pathuk 72

I think patience is one of the most important things an entrepreneur must acquire when in the process of starting a new business.

Especially if that new business is involved with food.

Success in the food industry largely relies on getting the flavour right. And to get a unique and special flavour, it requires time and effort to test new ingredients and recipes. When we focus on the best tasting and quality end product, we focus on pleasing the customer. That is very important, keeping customers happy and coming back for more!


That is what Setyowati Vivi experienced when first starting her Bakpia business in 1989 in the historic city of Yogyakarta, Central Java. Bakpia is a famous traditional snack, and the recipe varies from seller to seller, city to city…Prior to entering the market, Vivi wanted to get her Bakpia recipe perfect. She wanted her Bakpia to stand out from the rest. For that, she went through a painstaking process testing raw materials to find a composition that worked.

Starting out, business was slow. With minimal start-up funds and no sophisticated tools, Vivi basically started from nothing other than sheer determination. Vivi kept a positive spirit, which she especially needed because of the competition she faced. She says she was lucky though, because even though she did not have money to employ help, her husband always supported her and helped her whenever possible.

For business marketing, she was doing it alone. Using her bicycle, Vivi went to markets, stalls, and shops offering her homemade Bakpia. For five years, she persevered and the profits she acquired went into growing the business.

One big leap forward was replacing her delivery method from a bicycle to a motorbike. Vivi reasoned that this new delivery method was a smart investment, it meant that the Bakpia would reach customers quicker and fresher. In addition to the motorbike, she also invested in better production equipment.


Vivi’s Bapkpia was becoming famous in Yogyakarta thanks to her personalised recipe. People everywhere wanted to know where they could buy Vivi’s delicious homemade BakpiaVivi eventually decided to appoint employees to help her keep up with the demand. This was an emotional decision, based on her fear of disappointing her loyal and growing customers. With the added help, production soared, profits increased and Vivi’s Bakpia became more famous.


Vivi’s says the success of her business, which has been in operation for more than 22 years, has been influenced mainly by the quality of her core material, flour. She spent time finding the best quality, to get the best results. Vivi says if the quality of your raw materials is good, especially in the wheat-based food business, your business can last for decades.Vivi is a proud and loyal customer of Sriboga Flour Mill. According to her, Bakpia made using Sriboga wheat-flour is much more flavourful and tender. Vivi says that when she switched to Sriboga flour, her business grew significantly. She noticed repeat customers were increasing – which caused great word of mouth marketing even outside of Yogyakarta.

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