I thought, if others can succeed in this business, so can I. I wanted to taste my own success…

A hermit crab, if it is not comfortable with his shell, will seek another shell as his new home. Perhaps it this is a fitting illustration for Tar’am’s story. Tar’am, like many Indonesian people living in rural areas, left the comfort and familiarity of his home in Pekalongan.

Tar’am worked for two years selling Bolang-Baling for his employer, in his hometown of Pekalongan. Restless for his own success and with the knowledge he gained about the traditional fried bread snack, Tar’am was keen to start his own business.

He headed to Semarang for the sake of a happier life, with less struggle. With 1.5 million rupiah in his pocket (about $100 at the time), Tar’am set off for Semarang. He knew there was nobody selling bolang-baling in the city, he was going to be the first one. He spent his funds on a food cart to operate his enterprise, and hit the pavement selling to passersby. The market was wide open.

Like many success stories, there is lessons learned and tough times along the way. For Tar’am, it was no different. He was new to this big city. He had no friends and didn’t know one street from another. The first night in the city, the boarding house he planned to stay at would not accept him because his ID card had expired. So, Tar’am, along with his food cart, was forced to return to Pekalongan to take care of business.Tar’am spent three months heading back and forth from Pekalongan to Semarang daily. A 6 hour round trip, leaving him with empty pockets. With no friends, Tar’am had no place to stay in Semarang without his ID.

Tar’am remembers for two weeks, he ate only one meal a day, a bowl of rice. Yet he found the energy to start preparing bolang-baling at 3am every morning, and by sunrise he was at the market buying fresh ingredients.
At 6am he would start selling, all day, all night, with great patience. He had a vision that bolang – baling would become a favourite in Semarang. He just needed to be patient.


His perseverance and patience paid off. Now, after eight years of determination, Tar’am has two branches “Bolang-Baling Tar’am”. Together with his wife and two beloved children, he is now able to enjoy a turnover of $ 1.5 million per week (about $130 a week).His success was heard by the neighbors in his hometown of Pekalongan. They flocked to Semarang, selling bolang-baling ofcourse. Even his former boss packed his bags and headed to Semarang!

Together with his ‘colleagues’ from the village, Tar’am introduced them to the concept of a cooperative partnership with Sriboga in 2003. This partnership provides them with business guidance and product support, specifically using the Sriboga Tali Emas and Pita Merah range. As proof of his love of Sriboga, and to meet the customer demand for ‘Bolang-Baling Tar’am’ Tar’am purchases more than 150 kilos of per week.

Congratulations Tar’am, your determination and spirit is inspiring to us all!

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