Lumpia Pak Edy

Some people see us as competitors, but we are first and foremost family. Our individual success comes from God…

Edy and Lien are the fourth generation of a Lumpia Semarang dynasty, which secret recipe and passion has been passed down from generation to generation. Although it’s the same recipe, Edy and Lien believe their successes comes from God, and they worry little business.

Everyone knows ‘Ma’am Lumpia Lien’ (Mrs. Springroll Lien) based in Pemuda Street, Semarang. Mrs. Lien is the sister of Edy Santoso, who carries the label “Mr Edy Lumpia”. This is a family affair, their Uncle owns ‘Lumpia Gang Lombok’, and another relation is the owner of the famous ‘Lumpia Mataram’.


After decades of doing business, Edy then delegated the business to his son Denny Santoso. Although the father had established a big name, it wasn’t always easy for Denny.Denny remembers one month selling only two Lumpia. But like his father, he persevered. Denny needed to find get answers and he never stopped trying to find a way to make the business work. Why is there no great demand for spring rolls? Is it not interesting to customers? Or not attractive enough? Or the mix of ingredients isn’t working? Is the quality of the skin not good enough? What is wrong? Taste’s had changed and he had to find how to appeal to customers again.

Denny decided to appoint an employee to help with sales, while he concentrated on the production problems. That decision turned out to bring results and his sales started to slowly improve.

Now, sticking with the label “Lumpia Mr. Edy”, Denny has multiple branches, one of them on the famous Pandanaran Street in Semarang.


Denny says when the first inherited his father’s business, he sold Lumpia for Rp300 (about 20cents). “Perhaps you do not believe, but it’s true – true in the 1980s. But now, the spring rolls are sold at varied prices, depending on the contents.”These days, selling Lumpia has more advantages because Lumpia has grown to be a famous Semarang snack. The rise in prices does not deter the public to buy. Even after Eid when the price of everything increases, people still flock to buy his delicious Lumpia for their neighbours and relatives. The increase in the price of spring rolls during this time reaches three times the normal price.


Denny is a relatively new customer of Sriboga Flour Mill. As a veteran in this business, Denny explains how feels he has benefited greatly from, not only the high quality Sriboga products, but the product support he receives since joining the Sriboga cooperative initiative.Denny’s flour consumption of Sriboga’s Tali Emas Lumpia is ten sacks per week, and he generates an average turnover of up to 15 million rupiah.

Denny’s success is thanks to his persistence and patience and of equal importance, always maintaining high quality products and services.

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